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Community Safety Misandry Family Violence ''More Rapid Housing For (Not Men) Victims Of Family Violence'' Minister for Housing Victorian Government Media Release Gender Specific approach to Crime A Man in #Victoria is just a "potential perpetrator" who "holds women back" state sanctioned SS #misandry #forsomeofus #makingthingsunfair #vicforwomen #notmen #itsnotaboutyou #structuralviolence #girlstakeover #feminazi “Calling out disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour starts with each of us.” #institutionalisedsexism #MeToo #NotYou

“Calling out disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour starts with each of us.”

"Under the program, homes are leased from private owners by community housing agencies, which sublet them to women and children at below market rent."

#genderspecific approach to #crime #institutionalisedsexism

In Australia we have a gender specific approach to crime. Apparently there is no such thing as female perpetrators nor male victims. In any dispute between a man and a woman the man will be presumed to be in the wrong. Where a man is bullied by women or has a physically violent partner his side does not get a look in. Females are either unaccountable or unequally accountable for their negative impact. The assumption of the bad man potential perpetrator is a micro-aggression and legitimises female aggression and vigilantism. We have panic in Australia re community safety. Fear of crime. As Arthur Miller said “in times of panic the moral weight is with the accuser.”
‘’The major difference between genders is that for girls, holding social knowledge equates to holding social power as a means of manipulating their peers,’’ ‘’Covert bullying as an emerging social phenomenon’’ Edith Cowan University 2009 
 ‘’Most damaging is turning the victim into a social "undesirable". The (female aggressive) behavior and associated anger is hidden, often wrapped in a package seen as somewhat harmless or just a "girl thing". The covert nature of the (female) aggression leaves the victim with no forum to refute the accusations and, in fact, attempts to defend oneself leads to an escalation of the aggression." Bullying in the Female World
The Hidden Aggression Behind the Innocent Smile Psychology Today Sep 03, 2011
“when they question the motives of perpetrators or try to defend their experiences, their perceptions and concerns are invalidated. Ironically, and in this case, the act of questioning a person's experience with microaggressions may, at times, be a form of microaggression! It is a denial of the aggressed person's right to interpret and give meaning to their lived experience”
The Power to Define Reality
The power to define reality: Whose reality is real?
Psychology Today Posted Oct 11, 2010

#structuralviolence is a term commonly ascribed to Johan Galtung, which he introduced in the article "Violence, Peace, and Peace Research" (1969).[1] It refers to a form of violence wherein some social structure or social institution may harm people by preventing them from meeting their basic needs. #Institutionalized adultism, ageism, classism, elitism, ethnocentrism, nationalism, speciesism, racism, and #sexism are some examples of structural violence as proposed by Galtung.

A Man in #Victoria is just a " #potentialperpetrator " who " #holdswomenback "

Not much of a life!

And Women can do no wrong
If only Hitler had annexed Poland with #emotionalblackmail

#forsomeofus #makingthingsunfair state sanctioned SS #misandry #vicforwomen #notmen #itsnotaboutyou #structuralviolence #girlstakeover #feminazi

Pete Dowe

More Rapid Housing For Victims Of Family Violence


The Andrews Labor Government is helping more Victorian women and children fleeing family violence into safe rental accommodation thanks to an expanded leasing program.

Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing Martin Foley today announced more than $4 million in new funding for the Rapid Housing Program to ensure family violence victims have access to homes when they need them.

Under the program, homes are leased from private owners by community housing agencies, which sublet them to women and children at below market rent.

The program focuses on areas with high incidences of family violence and offers stable accommodation for up to 12 months.

The $152 million Family Violence Housing Blitz has helped community housing agencies purchase 185 properties and lease 124.

A further $2 million announced last year will help lease more than 120 properties for family violence victims.

These programs have successfully housed more than 300 Victorian women and children so they can live safely in the community.

One in 10 applicants on the Victorian Housing Register priority list identify family violence as a reason for seeking urgent housing assistance.

The Labor Government has invested more than $285 million in the last two Victorian budgets to boost social housing stock, redevelop refuges and provide rental assistance to get family violence victims housed safely and quickly.

It builds on our $1.9 billion commitment to tackle the scourge of family violence – more than any other state or federal government in the nation.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing Martin Foley

“We never want to see women and children with nowhere to go because of violence at home.”

“This investment is about providing more housing options for victims, so they can get a roof over their head quickly and rebuild their lives.”

Quote attributable to Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence Natalie Hutchins

“We’re proud to have made a huge difference in the lives of more than 300 Victorian women and children fleeing family violence, thanks to housing programs like this one.”

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