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Community Safety Female Aggression Stalking Female Stalker AFL star's stalker breaches order The Age August 1st 2007 Gender Equality Domestic Violence Family Violence Emotional Violence Gender Equal Application of the Law & Comment by Pete Dowe

I remember seeing on TV what appeared to be a female fan run onto the MCG after a Tigers' game (Go Tigers!) and she was pushed away by the Tiges' ruckman.
I assumed that it seemed a bit harsh to do push away a fan
especially a female fan.
But she was not a fan.
She was a STALKER.
One can only imagine what today's blinkered morally superior politically correct high-fear hyper-vigilance world would've made of the incident.
We cannot continue as a society to make assumptions as if they are fact.
To shoot our mouths off first
and ask no questions later

They say thoughts are “mental events”
Well assumptions are mental events

If you’re “going to California in your mind” don’t play looney tunes on the car radio
and I respectfully decline to ride with you
We cannot re gender politics community safety family violence/ domestic violence make assumptions nor continue to let the authorities stop at he said she said he said he said she said she said
The Authorities must support and protect those genuine by ascertaining the truth and penalising those who make spurious complaints and false reports male or female female or male

Pete Dowe

AFL star's stalker breaches order

Cameras captured Joanna Cramer invading the MCG pitch in 2002 to get close to Richmond's Greg Stafford.Cameras captured Joanna Cramer invading the MCG pitch in 2002 to get close to Richmond's Greg Stafford.
Photo: Channel Nine
Julia Medew
August 1, 2007
A 30-year-old woman accused of stalking former Richmond footballer Greg Stafford for 10 years has breached a court order prohibiting her from approaching the club's headquarters.
Joanna Cramer - the woman who evaded security to run onto the MCG towards Stafford in 2002 - was given a good behaviour bond without conviction at the Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday after pleading guilty to the offence.
Senior Constable Steve Ford said Cramer, of Cheltenham, breached an intervention order issued in May last year that prohibited her from going within 500 metres of Richmond Football Club on the corner of Punt Road and Brunton Avenue.
He said Cramer was seen in the reception area of the club about 12.30pm on June 2 last year after not being put through to Stafford on the club's telephone line two hours earlier.
"She remained in the reception area of the football club for a short time and then left," he said.
When asked by police why she had gone to the club, Senior Constable Ford said Cramer replied: "Because I'm worried about him. I care about him. I love him."
Cramer's lawyer, Susan Powell, told the court her client was unwell at the time and wanted to move on. "She is very keen to put this matter behind her. When I say that, I don't just mean the court matter but the entire matter," Ms Powell said.
Stafford, who retired at the end of last season, expressed outrage at the lack of security in August 2002 after cameras captured him pushing Cramer away from him on the ground of the MCG at the end of a match.
Magistrate Lesley Fleming placed Cramer on a 12-month good behaviour bond and ordered her to comply with the intervention order and any medical treatment she is receiving.

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