Friday, 6 November 2015

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Samuel Lapp: I would only kill the bad man.
Eli Lapp: Only the bad man. I see. And you know these bad men by sight? You are able to look into their hearts and see this badness? 
Directed by Peter Weir 

"Right now you can only hope not to be shy, anxious or a loner. 

If you are, lotsa luck. You’ll need it!

The self-appointed "good people" are on the march."

Pete Dowe

#cyberbullying is a  serious crime with a maximum penalty of three years imprisonment.

How about stopping #cyberbullying? Dob in a #cyberbully

I wish people were aware that photos NOT put online by #victoriapolice  but by members of the public implying that someone is a "social undesirable" are put online by #cyberbullies.

VicPol deals In facts and evidence not rumours and when they do speak to someone they are interested in ascertaining the truth and ask an individual for their side of the story.

Criminal cyberbullies and #covertbullies simply denounce people not caring whether they have wrongfully accused someone.

"Just the facts ma'am just the facts"

#vigilantism may be an entry-level contribution but it is not a contribution to #communitysafety.

In fact it is just the opposite making the community less safe.

Victims of cyberbullying are treated worse than criminals but then cyberbully - vigilantes are criminals. 
Victoria Police take photos offline of people they allege have committed an offence once they have apprehended and charged the individual. 

Cyberbullying-vigilantes endlessly take and distribute photos of innocent people on social media under the guise of community safety but with the sole intent of damaging a person's reputation based on rumours because they personally don't like them or don't like the look of them or have joined in the rumour-mongering without feeling any responsibility for the consequences of their actions. A phenomenon known as social contagion. "Just so you know. I thought you should know"

Cyber-bullying is enabled by the assumption that cyber-bullies would not spread rumours unless the victim “musta done somethin” Where the perpetrators of cyberbullying are female the assumption is stronger that the victim deserves it. That the victim poses a threat to the community. That “A woman wouldn’t say it unless it was true.” 

When held to account, cyberbullies then deceptively and self - deceptively claim "they didn't mean any harm" and "they didn't realise it was wrong" 
to recklessly target innocent people without evidence nor authority without caring whether they falsely accused someone nor the consequences for the victim which is to be defamed as a social undesirable without any forum to face their accusers nor refute the rumours: Ignominy by covert/ cyber-bullying. 

All done under the guise of community safety "Just so you know. I thought you should know". 

CyberbullieSS also do it because they can. They have a mobile phone with camera and internet technology and access to (anti) social media. 

Often the victim’s only metaphorical crime is to be shy and anxious which actually aren’t crimes but apparently “make perpetrators perpetrate?” 

Do you still wonder why cyberbullying is a serious crime and serious threat to community safety? 

Right now you can only hope not to be shy, anxious or a loner. 

If you are, lotsa luck. You’ll need it!

The self-appointed "good people" are on the march. 


Pete Dowe

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