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Thanks Susie O'Brien It is sad. A friend of mine who is a grand-dad can't take the grand-kids to the park without glares and double-takes if grand-mum isn't there.

I believe we are yet to address community safety and so far have simply enabled and empowered bullies and bullying.

Pete Dowe

Perez Hilton shower selfie reaction is bizarre, and sad

October 5, 2015 1:56pm

Perez Hilton has come under fire for an Instagram post of himself sharing a shower with his son. Picture: Perez Hilton/Instagram
Can we please stop treating dads doing completely normal things with their kids as paedophiles?
The reaction to celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s shower selfie is nothing short of bizarre.
It reminds us once again of the double standard that exists between mothers and fathers.
Hilton recently posted a photo on Instagram showing him sharing a shower with his two-year-old son, and some people couldn’t resist getting their claws out.
“Kinda creepy” said one. “Child abuse” said another. “Is this a joke they’re both naked,” said a third.
TWITTER BACKLASH: Perez post sparks social outrage
A woman sharing a showering selfie with her young child would no doubt be congratulated for her natural earthmother mung bean approach to parenting.
But it’s very different when it’s a dad.
Same-sex dads in particular seem to come under additional scrutiny, as if being gay makes you more of a threat to children.
Hilton was doing nothing more than trying to share a fun family moment with his fans.
He’s guilty of oversharing, to be sure, but nothing more sinister than that.
It’s an issue faced by many fathers, uncles and grandfathers, who feel the judgmental eyes of others looking them up and down when they spend time with children.
Remember the grandfather who was dobbed into police for taking photos of his own granddaughter at the park?
Remember the father who was questioned at a swimming centre for taking his five-year-old daughter into family toilet room to help her change?
It’s sad, I think, that men like this have to defend themselves and their parenting as a result of such attitudes.
Instead of enjoying the moment, Hilton was forced to fight back.
“Say what you will about me professionally, I KNOW that personally I am an awesome dad!!!” he posted in response to the criticism.
As Hilton himself says, “don’t let the word change you, change the world”.
It’s definitely time to change the way we see fathers and stop treating them as criminals when all they are doing is spending time with their beloved children. and blog

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