Monday, 31 August 2015

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New laws for serious Vic sex offenders

HOURS after convicted killer Sean William Price handed himself in, Victoria Police visited 55 serious sex offenders to check if they were behaving.
TWO of them were taken back into custody.
Premier Daniel Andrews said new laws would be introduced to make sure serious offenders weren't out in the community if they were still a danger. "I do believe there are too many of these serious sex offenders in the Victorian community," he told reporters on Tuesday. Price, a serial sex offender with a history of violent attacks, murdered Masa Vukotic, 17, in a Doncaster park in March. Mr Andrews said no one could guarantee another attack like that wouldn't occur. "But we all owe it to that family, to the Vukotic family, to look them in the eye and say we'll learn from their pain, learn from their tragedy," he said. The government will introduce new laws to create a presumption against bail for any serious sex offender on a supervision order who is charged with any indictable offence.
Victoria Police will also be given new powers to test offenders for drugs and alcohol. Mr Andrews said there were now 44 serious sex offenders in the community, but more of them should be in supervised accommodation. "I do believe that we've got the balance wrong," he said. "The balance ought be in favour of those in the community who do the right thing." Opposition leader Matthew Guy said the coalition would support attempts to make the community safer. "I think it should be expanded to all serious offences around violence, not just sex offenders," he said.

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